Creating the Whole Athlete

Healing the Mind and Body in Sport and in Life


Dr. Miele believes that healing the mind and body as a whole is a necessary practice for all athletes in order to perpetuate success. Young, amateur, and professional athletes all fall under the same psychological challenges just with different intensities. My belief for athletes in training and injured athletes in physical therapy is that they must build the total self, which incorporates not just the physical aspect of building strength but building their mental strength. In boxing, there is a saying take on the body and the head will fall… In training and competing it can be seen almost in the same context if the head falls due to mental weakness than the body will fail. I believe that today’s young athletes sometimes over train and take on stresses that can not only break them down physically but mentally as well which can lead to burnout. Anxiety can cause great stress to the body and induce unnecessary pain and possible injury.

Athletes also go through many stages when their career comes to an end.  How they transition is paramount to their psychological and over all emotional health.


  • Transitions from High School Athletics to College athletics.
  • End of Career Transitions: The what now and how to find your new passion.
  • Risk Management in Running Summer Sports Camps or Clinics:  What you need to know.
  • Keeping your Athletes Safe through Dynamic Warm-up and Coaching Safe.
    Practices: The Dos and Don’ts.
  • How To Train Clients and build your business through Safe Practices. What
    to do and what not to do!
  • How to Build Champions from the Inside Out!  The Journey of Mental Preparation to be the WHOLE Athlete.


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