Psychology in Sports FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions about Sports Psychology

What Role do Sport Psychology Consultants play in the lives of athletes?

  • Help athletes to enhance their performance by improving their mental well-being.
    Educating coaches, athletes, physical therapists, and certified athletic trainers about basic psychological techniques that may contribute to enhance performance.
    Working directly with athletes helping them to cope with stresses and improve their athletic performance.
    Help them overcome their anxieties and stresses with performance
    Assist them to cope with an injury, transitions, and end of a career.

What/Who can hurt athletes mentally?

  • A parent or coach who does not foster a positive environment.
    Negative Role Modeling
    One thing that should not be focused upon as a cause of failure is the lack of ability. Only a lack of effort should be discussed.
    Placing unnecessary pressure on their children.
    Dealing with injury worse than their child.
  • Pushing them too much…

What can parental pressure do to athletes?
Parents sometimes do not understand the stress placed upon their children just from their expectations.
Place unnecessary pressure on them which in turn can cause them to lose self-esteem, become depressed, and/or be more susceptible to anxiety.

*****Remember Coaches teach and Parents ENCOURAGE!!!******

  • What can parents do to help their children?
    Parents need to recognize their behaviors and assist in the cognitive development of their children through positive reinforcement no matter how good or bad their performance.
    Know when to be involved and when not to be
    Realize it is their child’s time to be an athlete and to be careful not to try and live vicariously through their children. This could cause pressure on the child and they may participate in sports for the wrong reasons.
    By recognizing the difference between excessive anxiety and butterflies and assist their children with different techniques to alleviate such stress. [/li_item]Make special efforts to stress your child’s strengths.

What is Mental Toughness and how do you get it? Do you get enough SLEEP?

Sleep is key to performance