Dr. Miele is available to give presentations on but not limited to:

Safe Practices in Coaching and Training Athletes
Safe Practices in Training Clients
Defeating anxiety in Competition
Team Dynamics and How to make it work for a successful SeasonHydro Training
Hip-Core strength Training
ACL Prevention: How to decrease the risk!
Why Coaching is not always enough!
The Psychology of injury and how athletes all heal and react differently
Concussions: Way to help recovery

Sport Psychology Consulting/Coaching
Adapting sport psychology principles to assist with the extensive knowledge that Laura possesses’ assures:
Anxiety reduction
Better concentration
Confidence building
Athletes will be educated on the mental components of sport psychology as well as the physical fundamentals that may have broken down somewhere in competition. Other strengths are assistance with the transition. When any athlete transitions out of sport from injury and or/through retirement it is difficult. Even a simple transition from grade school sports to high school or high school to college. All transitions are stressful and with this stress can come possible injury, poor performance, or undue anxiety.
Services Rendered: For Teams and Individuals
Phone consultations/Facetime/Zoom
On-site (in Person) or Video analysis- to determine body language and concentration breakdowns.
Summary of activity during play will be documented and discussed upon the appointment with the athlete or client. All athletes and clients are treated as individuals and all programs and/or assessments completely unique to each athlete/client.
This service does provide:
Relaxation/Anxiety Management
Dealing with Injury
Goal Setting
Mental Training
Slump Busting
Mental Toughness